Pregnancy Diet - Exercise and an Effective Diet Plan During Pregnancy

Most women already know how important it is to eat right and to get enough exercise. Of course, the trick is ensuring we do it. Some things are much easier said than done, especially when there are myriad demands upon our time. However, all of the pregnancy information is very clear these days - a health pregnancy diet plan and a great pregnancy exercise program go a long way to benefiting a woman during her pregnancy and following it.

Establish Good Habits Before Conception

Choosing to eat well after you become pregnant is good - but it's better to have excellent pre-pregnancy diet habits established beforehand. Once you become pregnant, thinking about what you should eat as opposed to what you want to eat may be like pitting a lion against a kitten. The lion would be your "want to eat", in case you were confused. Actually, though, during your first trimester you may not feel much like eating. Pregnancy symptoms can leave you feeling less than enthusiastic about diet and exercise, but they don't last forever and before long both energy and appetite will return with a bang.

So, What's to Eat?

So, what's on the pregnancy menu? Realistically, if you were eating properly before you conceived, then you shouldn't have any difficulty with your pregnancy menu afterward. According to some sources, a pregnant woman should consume about 300 calories more per day than she does when she's not pregnant. But, before you go galloping off for the container of Haagen Dass, if you were carrying more weight than was healthy before conception, pregnancy wouldn't be the time to pack on more pounds. Having said that, it isn't the time to go on a calorie restricted diet, either. The majority of weight should be gained through the second and third trimesters, with a slow and steady weight gain being considered ideal. If you're underweight or have not been gaining weight during the pregnancy, there is a decided risk for to the baby for prematurity, low birth weight, and small gestational size.

What are you to do? This is really one of the more common pregnancy questions, believe it or not. Women want to ensure they're eating well for their baby's sake, and they also want to have the things they like (or crave) during their pregnancy. The saying, All things in moderation, would be good to remember here. If you can't live without ice cream, then have some - but a little cup as a treat and not the entire carton. It is safe to say that unless the food you normally eat gives you problems (indigestion, nausea, constipation) then go ahead and eat it.

Make Sure You're Eating Balanced - Cut the Salt and Sugar

Be sure to up the intake of calcium in the form of low-fat dairy and dark green veggies. Both you and baby need it for strong bones and teeth. Your baby takes nutrients from the placenta that is fed by your blood. Sugar is probably one of the things you should be moderate about as well as salt. Salt tends to lead to fluid retention during pregnancy and that can lead to raised blood-pressure, which leads to other difficulties. Sugar can trigger gestational diabetes, which is problematic for a growing fetus. A mother who has gestational diabetes may have a very large baby whose delivery can be difficult. Other issues result from gestational diabetes for both mother and baby. If that is a likelihood for you, your doctor should be informed and the appropriate monitoring should be done. Gestational diabetes can affect a woman whether she completes her pregnancy or whether there is a failed pregnancy or abortion.

Check in with a Nutritional Counselor

A sample pregnancy diet can be obtained through the dietician at the hospital or through the healthcare provider you are seeing during your pregnancy. Not all women are alike, nor are their nutritional needs the same. Consequently, pregnancy diets vary with the individuals. The important thing is to make sure you are eating enough of the right kinds of foods that are beneficial for health and well being for both you and your baby. Limit the things that aren't healthy, and enjoy your pregnancy.

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