Ellaone Pill Taken And Period Is Late

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payka - May 7

Hi. I am posting because I am seeking for some answers to my situation. My last period was on April 9 and finished on the 13th. I had unprotected s_x on the same day that it finished. I took EllaOne emergency contraceptive on the 15th (less than 72 hours after the intercourse). This pill works for 5 days after unprotected s_x and it stops ovulation from happening, and if conception took place it stops it from attaching to the uterus. Anyway, I have had no pregnancy symptoms. My br___ts have just started getting a tiny bit sore, and I am getting some period like cramps that come and go. However no period. My cycle is about 25-26 days. I am already 2 days late if I count from a 26 day cycle. I have taken 3 pregnancy tests, one right before my period was supposed to start - NEGATIVE. One the 1 late day, and second one on the second - they all come out negative. The tests that I got are super sensitive ones which detect pregnancy 7 days after conception. They also detects HCG at 10mIU. I just started getting some acne and have a slight pain under my right rib cage which comes and goes. I read about Ellaone and apparently there is a chance to get pregnant on that pill and that the pregnancy might be ectopic. I read so many blogs and so many sites that now my head is spinning and anything and everything seems like i could be pregnant. However, I think my late period maybe the reaction from the pill as it delays your ovulation. Has anyone taken Ellaone before? What were your concerns? Did your period come in time? I don't know who to ask. if my period does not come in another 3 days, I am going to get an ultrasound. In the country where i am currently working they don't do pregnancy blood tests - its so stupid. Anyway, please share your stories.


Grandpa Viv - May 7

It's unlikely but not impossible to get pregnant from s_x the day your period ends. Having a short cycle increases the risk. Many women get an early period after emergency contraception in the first part of the cycle, and a late period if taken in the last part. The pregnancy hormone doubles every few days and will show up on a urine test if you are patient. Why not wait a week and take another test before paying for an ultrasound. GL!


Qrstuvwxyz990 - August 11

Hello! I'm currently experiencing the exact symptoms that you mentioned and it's really bugging me. What happened to you afterwards and are there any updates?? 


Qrstuvwxyz990 - August 11

Google is awful and my anxiety's gone a million times worse


Anonplease - November 28

Hi i had unprotected sex few days before my period time on the 22 of october. On the 26th my period came normal. Please  i took ella one on the 23 of october. Now its November 28th and i have no signs of my period. My period usually comes between the 25 and 27. Is it possoble im pregnant. Please help as im freaking out.


Grandpa Viv - November 28

Pregnancy is very unlikely. Your sex was not on the fertile window and to this date you have no early pregnancy signs. 


GreatlyConcerned - December 12


I wanted to share my situation since I feel concern.

My last period was October 26 to October 30. I might have had sex (I dont recall the night clearly). But I was paranoid, so I took the Ellaone the next day (November 1, about 12-14 hours from the potential incidence).  

I remember feeling quite sad and lazy within the first week. From November 16-18, my pelvis kept hurting. According to my period calendar app, I was suppose to get my period on November 19. My regular period normally lasts for 5 days with a heavy flow within the first two days.

I began to have light brown discharge on November 19 (where I became concerned because I have never started my period with this light brown discharge). This really freaked me out. Then on November 20, I started to have light red spotting. From then until November 28, I kept having brown/red/light pink discharge and blood. It was a mixture. I have never felt so confused since this has never happened to me. It only showed when I would wipe myself when I would use the restroom. I dont think I can consider this my period since it wasnt my usual blood flow. This "period" had very little blood and I bared used any pads during this time. 

On December 1st, I wrote down "maybe my first time where I have discharge with no blood. This discharge was more thick clumpy cloudy white-ish." Then on December 4th, I saw a "normal clear white discharge" in the morning, but in the afternoon, it came slightly with blood. But on December 5th, I saw a bit more blood (in comparison from the midweek of November, but still not the same amount as my regular blood flow) and this "bit more blood" came with brown discharge. It was very gooey and light brown. Then December 6th, I saw more discharge red-brownish. 

From December 7 until now, I have been having this brownish-reddish discharge, but I dont know if I can consider this my period. I dont understand what is happening. This period is not as heavy as it normally is. I see this black tissue when I wipe (which sometimes comes with brownish-reddish discharge/period).

I took a pregnacy test November 22 and December 8. They both came back as negative. But I still feel concern because I dont know what I am experiencing is my period. I dont know if I should trust those pregnancy tests. I have never used birth control pills before and that night could have been my first intercouse. How can I determine that what I am experiencing  is my period, if it is even my period.

Sorry for the long post, and I would greatly appreciate  any response.



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