Baby Development Week 14

Congratulations! You made it to the second trimester!

Hormones are starting to have an effect on your body by now. Your nipples may have gotten darker and larger and you may even have developed a linea negra, a dark line from your abdomen to your pubic bone. By the time you are 14 weeks pregnant, your uterus will be about the size of a grapefruit.

Pregnancy Tip

Help your baby start the second trimester properly by taking a supplement designed for this important time. Biotegrity's Stage 2 come with extra calcium, which is good for fetal bone structure, and vitamin C, necesary for the formation of connective tissue and collagen.

What's Up with Baby
Your baby is now about 3.42in (8.7cm) and is even producing urine. In fact, your baby is urinating into the amniotic fluid as well as 'breathing' the amniotic fluid into his lungs! This week, head hair, including eyebrows, develops. Lanugo, the fine hairs that grow over your baby's body and protect his skin, also grows this week and will continue growing until just before delivery.

Future Mommies and Daddies
Reproductive developments also take place this week. In boys, the prostate gland develops. In girls, the ovaries descend from the abdomen into the pelvis. In addition, your baby starts to produce hormones this week because the thyroid gland has matured.

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