Development Week 30

Sleeping may start to become uncomfortable when you are 30 weeks pregnant. You may even be finding it difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position. The left side is the better side to sleep on. Constipation is a common complaint of pregnancy. The pregnancy hormones that allow you to maintain your pregnancy also slow the digestive process considerably. Exercising regularly and eating foods high in fiber, such as vegetables and whole grains, are great ways to keep everything regular.

Baby Steps
Your baby is nearing 3 pounds (1319gm) now and measuring about 15.7 inches (39.9 centimeters). Her eyelids are also now opening and closing. Her bone marrow has taken over the production of red blood cells. Your baby continues to gain weight and layers of fat. This fat makes her look less wrinkly and will help keep her warm after birth.

In preparation for respiration after birth, your baby will mimic breathing movements by repeatedly moving the diaphragm. These movements are rhythmic and may even cause him to get a case of hiccups if amniotic fluid is accidentally inhaled!

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