No Pregnancy Symptoms - Is Something Wrong?

I Feel Great! What's Wrong?

Each pregnancy is as different as the woman carrying the baby. Some women sail through pregnancy with hardly a bout of heartburn while others are eating Tums by the fistful. What sets them apart? Is there something wrong with the pregnancy or woman who is having none of the stereotypical signs or symptoms of pregnancy? No, there's nothing wrong, and the woman who has spent the first few weeks of her pregnancy hanging over the toilet bowl (or garbage pail) would probably give her left arm to be able to trade places with you.

There are women who go through the first part, or even all of their pregnancies without some of the more common or intense pregnancy symptoms. Some feel more energized and their sex drive goes through the roof. However, this can also cause some consternation as the thought of something not being quite right sits at the back of the mind. If your pregnancy test has come back positive and you're feeling good, just keep taking great care of yourself and be thankful you're not exhausted, sick, bloated and gassy. Keep your prenatal appointments and find somewhere to spend your energy, perhaps preparing for baby's arrival.

Take Heart - It Will Pass

On the other hand, if you don't happen to be one of those who have escaped the symptoms of pregnancy entirely, the likelihood of the symptoms carrying on for the duration of your pregnancy is not too high. Some women do find themselves sick or exhausted for the duration, although most discover that the second trimester is a welcome reprieve from nausea, vomiting, and fatigue. Again, each pregnancy is different and so is each expectant mother. So, what's working for one may not work for another - and what you experience may not be what your friend experiences.

Morning (or Afternoon, or Evening) Sickness

The most famous of all pregnancy symptoms is morning sickness. It is probably better labeled pregnancy sickness because a lot of women have this symptom all day long - sometimes all pregnancy long, too. About 85-90 percent of pregnancy moms suffer with some morning sickness in their pregnancies, especially during the first trimester. Morning sickness is earmarked by two distinct symptoms:

· You are nauseated or queasy in the morning (afternoon, evening ... whenever)

· Smells can put you over the top

Many moms find their sense of smell heightened to new places during pregnancy. You may be able to smell anything, anywhere, anytime. It is not always a good thing and could be a trigger for a tossed tummy.

There are some basic remedies for morning sickness that have been around for ages and that's because they tend to work. Saltine crackers will soak up the stomach acid in an empty stomach, which is often the trigger for nausea in the morning. Ginger, whether you drink it in tea or as ginger ale, or whether you eat it dried or as a candy, also helps to settle the stomach. Whether you feel like it or not, having something in your stomach is one of the best ways to keep it calm. Just eat foods that are more on the bland side.

Risks of Morning Sickness

The biggest risk associated with morning sickness is dehydration and malnutrition, which follows if you can't eat or drink anything without throwing it back up. If this condition happens, it is important to advise the doctor. Some women end up in the hospital on a drip because they've dehydrated enough to endanger their baby as well as themselves. If you can't drink too much without feeling sick, then suck on ice cubes or sip through a straw to keep yourself hydrated. With any luck, it will pass soon.

You Don't Have it?  Don't Worry - Be Happy

And, if you're the lucky lady who hasn't felt anything but good, be grateful! Not having morning sickness doesn't mean there's anything wrong with you or your baby. If you're really concerned that you haven't been feeling sick, talk with your doctor.

Pregnancy is filled with fun, wonder, and in many cases, symptoms and signs. Learn more about the symptoms of pregnancy in our article that will help you recognize the early signs and symptoms of pregnancy.

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