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It's important to emphasize that the most accurate source of help and information when it comes to pregnancy is the professional opinion of your health care provider or obstetrician. Nevertheless, here on, we're proud to be an excellent source of pregnancy help for many women. We provide pregnancy information on a diverse range of topics of particular interest to women who're expecting.

Whether you need help with women's health in general, pregnancy health, choosing good pregnancy foods, pregnancy symptoms, trying to get pregnant in the first place, or about labor, birth, breast feeding and other maternity issues, you've come to right place. It's all here.

Help With Pregnancy Health

There are two main elements to a healthy pregnancy: the health of the mother and the health of the fetus. The mother's health and the fetus' health are interconnected - so you should know that the things you eat, drink and do during your pregnancy have the potential to affect your baby. Don't panic - if you attend your pregnancy appointments regularly and strive become better informed, potential problems can often be avoided, and you'll know which are the right pregnancy foods.

Sources of Pregnancy Help

Online Sources

There are some pretty universal truths when it comes to a pregnant mother's health and fetus health - such as the dangers smoking and drinking while pregnant. This makes it easier to spot a website that's giving you quality information. However, there are websites out there that are interested in promoting their own pregnancy theories, about herbal supplements that are good for pregnancy and fertility, for example. You should always speak to your doctor before taking any medicines or using any alternative therapies while pregnant.

Pregnancy Calculator

Another nice online resource is the pregnancy "calculator." There many of these on the internet, therefore a quick online search will produce what you're looking for. Some calculators can tell you how pregnant you are based on when you had your last period, whereas others can tell you not only how pregnant you are, but when you're due to give birth, and everything that's going to happen in between.

(Of course, once again, we'd like to stress that even though pregnancy calculators are a fun way to get pregnancy information, your doctor is still the most accurate predictor of your due date.)

Pregnancy Books

The bookstore shelves are literally groaning under the weight of the all the pregnancy books on sale these days. Many of them focus on pregnancy health concerns and provide week-by-week- pregnancy guides to show how big your baby is at any stage of your pregnancy, and how he is developing.

Many of these books can be great fun to have and provide a lot of pregnant women with much needed reassurance and a sense of control, particularly during a first pregnancy. On the other hand, there are some women who find that too much information about possible pregnancy complications causes them to worry needlessly. Try to find a book that's not too medical in tone, and that offers a reasonable sense of perspective on pregnancy risks.

Birth stories are another popular theme for pregnancy books. Generally, only labor and delivery experiences that ended happily are included in such publications - even if a birth was difficult. Birth stories are usually uplifting, but if you find that reading about them is stressing you out - stop.

More light hearted pregnancy books include books of baby names, to help you choose the best name(s) for your new family member. If all the pregnancy information is causing an emotional overload, why not delve into something a little less medical?

Pregnancy Videos

Pregnancy videos are a source of pregnancy help presented in a visual format. Furthermore, a lot of pregnancy videos give you the option of actually watching a birth.

Some women feel they benefit a lot from this, whereas other women say that it strikes fear into their hearts. You are not a failure if you decide not to watch a birth video. Attend your appointments, do your prenatal classes, follow your doctor's advice, and you'll be fine.

Pregnancy yoga videos are also common place. These videos present sequences of light physical exercises and stretches which can help relieve pregnancy back pain (usually a problem in the third trimester) and other pregnancy discomforts. Always speak to your doctor before doing any pregnancy yoga that's unsupervised by a trained teacher, especially if you're already affected by pregnancy backpain.

Pregnancy videos can be bought online and in various types of stores.

Pregnancy Centers

Pregnancy centers are places where pregnant women can go for advice and dedicated pregnancy services. Not only do these centers have trained staff who can tell you what you need to do for a healthy pregnancy, they may also organize pregnancy-related activities (such as pregnancy yoga) which are designed to be fun and informative. You may be able to attend Lamaze classes in a pregnancy center.

To find such as center, ask your doctor if there is one associated with his clinic. Alternatively, you can search for a center independently - you'll probably find details online or in the phonebook. Girlfriends or female relatives who've had children may be able to point you in the right direction. Fees may be charged for the center's services.

Pregnancy "Stuff"

Now that you're pregnant, there isn't anything that someone at some point won't try to sell you for your baby. And they will tell you that it's an essential item, of course. Whether it's furniture, clothes, or equipment to request for your baby shower, try to set a budget and stick to it. Remember that in the past, women didn't have all the stuff they do now - but the continued existence of the human race would indicate that babies were still brought healthily and happily into the world nonetheless.

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