Your Baby's Development: Week 13

Week 13
You are 13 weeks pregnant! Your baby now weighs around 28 grams, or about one ounce. Baby's intestines now starting to move from the umbilical cord to the stomach, and the villi are even starting to form in the intestines. Your baby's pancreas is now formed and functioning and is already secreting insulin.

Pregnancy Tip
As your pregnancy changes, so should your prenatal vitamin. That's why Biotegrity's Stage 2 are made with everything you need during the second trimester. With increased calcium for healthy fetal bone structure and vitamin A for proper eye and skin development, these prenatal vitamins have just what you and your baby need!

Your Placenta

As you get closer to the end of the first trimester of your pregnancy, your placenta has developed and is giving your baby oxygen, nutrients and waste disposal. The placenta also helps to maintain the pregnancy by producing hormones called progesterone and estriol. This week, your baby could put his thumb in his mouth, however the sucking muscles are not entirely developed. Tissue that will eventually form bones is developing around your baby's head, arms and legs. Also, several ribs may now be visible.

Try to make frequent prenatal care visits with your health care provider. At these appointments your health care provider will check:

Blood Pressure
Fundal Height (Growth of the Uterus)
Baby's Heart Tones
Nutrition. You should be taking prenatal vitamins as they help in the growth and development of your baby.

Now that you are past many of the early pregancy discomforts, you are entering into a great stage in your pregnancy. You probably have renewed energy are are beginning to 'feel' pregnant.

Your family and friends will start to notice your pregnancy soon. And if you've been hiding the news, it is a very happy occasion when you can finally let everyone share in your excitement. Read about cute, fun ways to announce your pregnancy.

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Im 13 weeks pregnant and I want to know if I push the part under my belly button can I feel the babby? Or not yet?
12 years ago