Your Baby's Development: Week 18

Week 18
Now that you are 18 weeks pregnant, your baby will be about 5.59 inches (14.2cm) in length and almost 7 ounces (697 grams) in weight. Baby's bones are still hardening. Finger prints will begin forming shortly, as the finger and toe pads are now formed. The bones of the inner ear and the nerve endings from the brain have developed enough so that your baby can hear sounds such as your heartbeat and the blood moving through the umbilical cord. He or she may even be startled by loud noises.

Your baby's eyes are developing too. The retinas may be able to detect the beam of a flashlight if you hold it to your uterus. Baby now can also swallow and could even glog down up to a liter of amniotic fluid throughout the day.

Sleeping may become uncomfortable these days because of your pregnancy. You will want to try using pillows to prop yourself up and to help find a comfortable sleeping position.

Selecting A Caregiver
If you have not yet found a doctor, make sure you find a pediatrician or other health care provider for your child. Schedule a visit and discuss issues such as appointment availability, immunization scheduling and when an emergency call should be made.

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