Your Baby's Development Week 2

Week 2
Because you are now at the midpoint of your menstrual cycle (assuming you have a regular 28-day cycle), you are now ovulating and therefore are most likely to conceive. The egg has been released into the fallopian tube and is ready for the taking.

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Getting Pregnant

If you have sexual intercourse without protection during this week, you can become pregnant. After your partner ejaculates, millions of sperm travel from the vagina to the fallopian tube, where your egg is waiting. An enzyme is released that allows one sperm to penetrate the egg, and fertilization takes place. During fertilization, the genetic material of the sperm and the egg are combined.

You are now pregnant, although your body is not yet letting you know that you are. You can read more information on your reproductive system. Since fertilization has occurred this week, your baby's sex is already determined. Depending on whether the father’s sex chromosome is an X or Y, your child will be a girl or a boy, respectively.

During the second week, the fertilized egg goes through a process of division from one cell to two cells to four cells and more. By the time it gets to the uterus, this group of cells numbers 32 and is called a morula. One week after fertilization, there are 250 cells. As the egg divides, your body and uterine lining secrete follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), which stimulates an egg to mature.

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