Your Baby's Development: Week 24

Week 24
You are 24 weeks pregnant. Even though baby is receiving oxygen through the placenta, after she is born, her lungs will take in oxygen on their own. To prepare baby for the outside world, her lungs will now start to produce something that is called surfactant. Surfactant keeps the air sacs in our lungs from collapsing and from sticking together upon exhalation, thus allowing us to breathe properly.

The inner ear, part of the vestibular system, controls balance in our body. Now that the inner ear is fully formed, baby should be able to tell when he or she is in an upside down or right side up position while she is floating and moving in the amniotic fluid.

Glucose Screening Test
The glucose screening is an important prenatal test. It is usually done sometime during your pregnancy between weeks 24 and 28. This prenatal test checks for gestational diabetes which is a temporary type of diabetes that occurs during pregnancy. Gestational diabetes can cause your newborn to be born with low blood sugar and may also increase the chances needing a cesarean section as it can lead to the hormonal growth of unusually large babies (macrosomia).

During the glucose screening test, you'll be given a sugary solution to drink. You will then wait and have your blood taken. If blood sugar levels are abnormal, you will have further tests.

Gestational diabetes is usually controlled by following a strict diet similar to one a diabetic would follow. However, sometimes medication such as daily insulin is needed during your pregnancy.

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