Your Baby's Development Week 28

Week 28
You are 28 weeks pregnant. Your baby now weighs about 2 pounds, 2 ounces (1005 grams) and measures about 14.8 inches (37.6 centimeters) from crown to rump. She has now developed eyelashes and the eyes are completely formed by now. The body is starting to become plumper and more formed, and there is the appearance of some muscle toning.

The lungs are capable of breathing oxygen now, but your baby would struggle to breath properly if born now.

Welcome to the third trimester! Now may be a good time to have a glucose tolerance test yet to test for gestational diabetes, if you haven't had one yet. You should speak to your health care provider about this.

At your next prenatal appointment, your health care provider may inform you whether your baby is head first or feet or bottom first (called breech position) in the womb. If you feel the baby's head pushing against your cervix, he or she is probably in the head first position. Babies who are in the breech position may need to be delivered by cesarean section.

Your baby still has two months to change position, though, so don't worry if your baby is in the
breech position at this stage in your pregnancy. Most babies will switch positions on their own.

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