Your Baby's Development: Week 17

Week 17
You are 17 weeks pregnant. This week, your baby measures about 5.12 inches (12 centimeters) and weighs 4.97 ounces (140 grams)- she now weighs more than the placenta. Baby is beginning to develop brown fat deposits under her skin, but there has been no other new structural growth. During the third trimester, more layers of fat will be added to ensure both protection and warmth for your baby. Your baby could begin to respond to loud noises outside your tummy.

Pregnancy Tip

Stay healthy throughout your second trimester by taking prenatal supplements designed just for this stage of development. Biotegrity's Stage 2 have extra calcium to help with your baby's bone structure as well as vitamin A to promote healthy skin and eye development.

Changes in Your Pregnant Body
Because of an increase in blood moving through your body, you may notice some changes; you may be secreting more fluid and you could be sweating more, have nasal congestion or vaginal discharge. The placenta is now growing as the baby develops. The placenta nourishes the fetus with nutrients. It supplies oxygen and also removes waste. It is more than an inch thick and contains thousands of blood vessels. These vessels exchange nutrients and oxygen between your body and your baby's developing body.

Your breasts are changing. With more blood flowing to the breasts, their size is increased. Some women may increase one to two cup sizes during their pregnancy. This increaased blood flow also causes the veins to become visible in your breasts. You should make sure you are wearing supportive bras; you may have to buy some in a variety of sizes given the growth of your breasts during your pregnancy.

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