Your Baby's Development: Week 25

Week 25
Now that you are 25 weeks pregnant, your baby should be weighing about 1 pound 5 ounces (660 grams). Baby's little hands are busily feeling his surroundings, touching his own skin and the umbilical cord. These little hands are now quite dexterous; baby's fingers can even curl into a fist! At this stage in your pregnancy, you will also start to notice that baby has busy and resting times; and you may be more aware of the fetal activity when you are lying down or sitting still.

Baby Can Hear Your Voice
Your baby's hearing is so developed, that she may now be able to hear you! This week, the structures of the spine (including 33 rings, 150 joints and 1000 ligaments) start to form. The blood vessels of the lungs are also developing and baby's nostrils begin to open.

Indigestion and Heartburn
Being pregnant can cause some pretty nasty side effects, especially when it comes to your digestive system. When you are pregnant, the hormone progesterone slows the emptying of your stomach so that there is an increase in absorption of the nutrients for your baby. In addition, your expanding uterus puts increased pressure on your intestines. The results of all this can can make your favorite foods a nightmare and can make you very uncomfortable.

Try eating smaller meals and eating more frequently. It also helps to avoid eating spicy and fatty foods.

Always be on the look out for signs of premature labor.

Many moms are now thinking about decorating the baby nursery and buying baby furniture so that everything will be in order for the big day when baby arrives.

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