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A Kid on a Mission

Once your baby hits 18 months and is on the go, keeping up with him will be a full time job. Toddlers between the ages of one and three are very active people, avid explorers full of energy and a true zest for life. There's so much to do and to learn, and as a toddler, that's his primary focus - learn and do.

As an explorer, your toddler is gaining knowledge and experience that will translate into language and expression. There are many exceptional educational toys for toddlers available on the market today designed to inspire and encourage learning and growth. One of the most popular and top selling favorite manipulative toy for toddlers continues to be the stacking toy. Melissa & Doug's Rainbow Stacker comes with eight smooth, sturdy wooden pieces to stack and create a colorful rainbow. Intended for toddlers from 18 months up, this simple and ever-popular toy teaches colors and shapes recognition, concentration, manipulative skills and planning.

Toys for Toddlers at Age Two

Toys for toddlers at age two address some of the things they are learning to do. The game, "Learn to Dress the Monkey" is one of the top toys for toddlers of two-years-of-age. It enhances the motor skills, teaching little ones how to dress with the use of soft toys, like the monkey, dolls, clowns and other animals. They all come with real clothes that children can identify and relate to and that fit each stuffed toy.

The Skwish Classic toy by Manhattan Toy Company is a unique and wonderful tactile toy that is suitable for a tiny infant of two or three months all the way through to toddler age. It's lightweight and can be squished together without breaking the toy. The complex structure of elastic, wooden beads and narrow rods is easy for an infant to grab onto and fun for an older child to play with as well. It increases tactile and visual development as the child slides the wooden pieces on the elastics.

Learning Math Skills

Bath math is a great way to entertain and educate a toddler while he's in the tub. Using stacking containers, you can teach your toddler that different shapes and sizes of containers hold different amounts of water. The concept of adding and subtracting can be learned in this simple fashion. The Learning Journey's Count & Learn Cookie Jar teaches toddlers to count and teaches them their numbers as well by using a talking cookie jar with a charming smile. The child learns the numbers from one to ten by having the jar help him count the cookies. Once the child learns to count cookies, he goes to the next level of counting the chocolate chips in the cookies. It's a great way to encourage counting while playing.

Big Toys, Playhouses, and Fun Galore

One of the fun advantages to being a toddler is that big toys become accessible. Little Tike toys, like their playhouses, and swing sets, are fun for toddlers to climb on and play in for hours. Riding toys are another big toy toddlers love. They can hop on their riding toy and scoot around, pretending they are riding a motorcycle or flying a jet plane. There is no end to the imagination and creativity of a toddler and giving them the best toddler activity toys to play with enhances their ability to express that creativity.

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