Soft Toys - Animals and Stuffed Soft Toys

He's My Best Friend

A soft, cuddly stuffed toy often becomes much more than something to play with for a toddler. Frequently, a child's favorite plush toy becomes his closest friend. He takes his toy animal with him wherever he goes, he sleeps with it, eats with it sitting beside him, and props the plush toy in front of him as he sits on his riding toy. Many adults still have their special friend from all those years ago, and you'd be hard pressed to get them to part with that toy to this day.

Soft, Comforting, and Familiar

What is it about soft toys that make them so special? For a small child, perhaps it is the fact that they are soft, cuddly, and they feel warm and comforting. Children often form a close attachment to them because they've been part of their lives from before they had words to speak. Many parents find that encouraging their children to have their plush toy with them when they go out makes the trip in the car easier and the child is less fussy when they have their favorite soft toy with them.

Of course we're all familiar with the Easter Bunny soft toys and the many animal soft toys that children enjoy. Gund, a familiar name in the arena of stuffed toys, has been pleasing children and adults with their exquisite animal soft toys for years. Haba, another German company, produces excellent non-toxic soft toys for babies from newborn through toddler age. Haba soft toys are not only animals, but stacking balls, Flip Flap soft blocks, and soft toy blocks for infants and babies to enjoy.

Popular Stuffed Toys

Whenever a new movie comes out, or a children's program becomes successful, it isn't long before stuffed toys of the primary characters are on sale in the toy stores. When Care Bears became popular, every toddler in the country had a Care Bear of their own, the character and personality chosen by the child himself. Stuffed toys are more than toys, they are very personal to each and every child. For the older set (and that would include teens), the Pokémon stuffies are a big draw. Then there are the ever-loved big soft toys - Giant Teddy Bears. "Teddy" was created by Morris Michtom at the turn of the 20th Century in honor of then-president Teddy Roosevelt. Today, Teddy Bears continue to hold a near and dear spot in the hearts of children and adults worldwide.

Organic Soft Toys

Picking up on the idea that babies love soft toys, Under the Nile, an organic toy maker, created soft, cuddly, organic fruit and vegetable toys that are safe enough for a teething baby to chew on. Made of super-soft Egyptian cotton, these little veggies have cute faces and are easy for a baby to handle. Soft toys can take a number of different shapes. From fruit and veggies, to toy animals, letters, numbers, stacking balls, and squares, soft toys will always be a favorite for infants and toddlers.

You Just Have to Know How to Sew

Making soft toys is not really that difficult. If you can sew, you can make soft toys. All that's needed is basic sewing skills, either on a machine or by hand - and an ability to follow directions. It is possible, with the use of a pattern (obtainable online or in a craft store), to sew a wonderful soft toy for a special little person. What a gift - something made by hand and created especially with that child in mind. You can personalize it by embroidering the child's name on the toy, or by dressing it in an outfit that matches something the child has.

The best fabrics to use when making a soft toy are non-fray types that stretch in both directions. It is possible to purchase organic fabrics online or order them through a fabric outlet. Stuffing can be made of organic material or dried beans. Of course, you can use regular fabric purchased at a fabric store as well. When making a soft toy for a child, avoid small beads, ribbons and other embellishments that could become a choking hazard. You can purchase safety eyes, but an even better idea would be to sew the eyes on, that way tiny fingers can't pick them off and put them in the mouth.

We would be remiss if we didn't mention the sock monkey as a soft toy that is dearly loved by children the world over. You can make this well-known and easily recognized soft toy by following the instructions available in the package of Red Heeled Rockford socks, the original socks used for this special stuffed toy. The instructions are also available online. Or, you can purchase a sock monkey in almost any toy store in the country. Who knows, the monkey you give may be the one that follows a little child throughout his life.

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