Handcrafted Baby Toys

Handcrafted with Love

Oftentimes the very best gifts are the ones we've kept to pass on to our children. While they may not appreciate the depth of the transaction as toddlers, there will come a day when we will overhear them telling a friend, "This was my Mommy's and she gave it to me." There's a sense of pride and something very special about passing our toys on to our kids - especially if that toy was a handmade doll or some other homemade toy that held special significance for us.

The economy has taken its toll on the pocketbooks of parents around the world. As a result, parents are looking for ways to give their children lasting, wonderful gifts that they will treasure - not necessarily the biggest or most expensive toy, but one that has some meaning. That can be accomplished through the medium of handcrafted baby toys. Handmade kids' toys have a feel to them that doesn't come with mass produced plastics, and, if your child hasn't been inundated with a lot of television, then the desire for high-priced items may not be a big issue.

Made to Order - Especially for You

Handmade baby toys have options that commercially produced toys don't have - you can make them specific to the child to whom you are giving them. That means that the handmade doll can have a dress just like the toddler who will own her. You can give her hair the same color as the child's, eyes the same color, and freckles or dimples in exactly the same spot. If the gift is a wooden toy, then the child's name can be carved or burned into the wood, making it personally his. Patterns for almost any toy you can think of, whether it is made of fabric or wood can be obtained online or from a craft store. Craft store toy patterns and ideas are plentiful and makes gift giving that much more fun.

Another aspect of handcrafted toys is the joy and pleasure making the craft or toy gives to the creator. Loving hands putting together a special handmade toy allows the person making it to create something extra-special for that extra-special little person or people. Gifts made by hand with love carry great meaning and are treasured always.

Handmade Clothing, Blankets, Scarves and Mitts

When it comes to handmade baby gifts, we usually think of shower gifts. Crocheted blankets, sweaters and booties are the most common handmade gifts, items of clothing and tiny socks to keep baby warm and cozy. As time goes on and the baby grows, toques, scarves, mittens, and slippers appear along the way. Little tags on the inside of the goodies saying, "Handmade for You by Grandma" keep the memory alive. That is the greatest benefit to giving handmade baby gifts and handcrafted kids' toys - the memory that becomes attached to the item.

Educational Toys from Simple Materials

Handmade baby stuff, wooden toys, and animals made from craft materials are all educational and every bit as useful in the learning process as any other toy. Blocks, handmade from fabric with letters or numbers on them are not only safe for tiny babies, they teach letter and number identification to toddlers as well. Wooden blocks, puzzles, sorters, and toys teach tactile skills and hand-eye coordination, as well as cause and effect.

Sometimes the best toys are the ones that are made from the simplest materials. Rather than spending a fortune on a big plastic playhouse, make a very sturdy and fun playhouse from cardboard instead. A little duct tape, some non-toxic paint and some imagination will turn your cardboard into a mansion fit for your little prince or princess. Plans to make items like a playhouse can be found on the internet. It is fun and not as difficult as our minds want to make it. Allowing your child to be part of the building process enables him or her to learn about working together, playing together, building things, and then having the pleasure of playing with them.

With all of the aids available, creating a handcrafted baby toy or homemade kids' toys is not as hard as you'd think. Why not spread a little love and make some little person really happy? When you check the "product reviews" for the toys you handcrafted, you'll find they are the favorite of those who play with them.

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