Badger Basket - Changing Tables and Twin Storage Beds

Finding Your Niche

Once a company is able to find its niche, and provided it has good leadership, it will be around for many years. Such is the case with Badger Basket Company. Badger Basket has been a credible and premier manufacturer of excellent baby and children's furniture and accessories for many years. It began in 1911 as a veneer company and was sold the next year to the Erny brothers who converted it to a basket company. Over the years, and several transitions, the Badger Basket Company has found its incarnation as a manufacturer of baskets, hampers, and juvenile furniture, particularly bassinets and changing tables as well as a large line of Badger Basket doll furniture items - 40 in total.  Badger Basket doll furniture provides your child with hours of fun as she plays with finely crafted toys for her doll's house.

A Real Baby Basket

Since Badger Basket is really all about baskets, it is little wonder their sturdy and well-made Moses basket is a hit with new parents. The biggest problem with this Badger Basket, according to reviews, is that the baby grows out of it too soon and it can't be used again. Badger Basket baby furniture is very unique in design and each piece is a lovely piece of furniture - not only functional, but fabulous to look at as well.

Baby Bassinets from Badger

If you have chosen to put a bassinet in your baby's nursery, then Badger Basket Company is certainly worth checking out for lovely design and usefulness. The traditional oval shape is generous in size and includes a custom fitted, vinyl covered foam mattress pad that complies with current safety standards. There is a gorgeous canopy that is height adjustable and the bassinet is on caster wheels that make it easy to move the bassinet from room to room. The bedding sets are what really set it apart, though. A lovely skirt, soft bumper, fitted sheet, and ruffled, drape canopy, make this delightful bassinet a treat for the eyes and a comfortable and snug place for your baby to sleep.

Changing Tables in a Variety of Shapes

Changing tables are a popular and important item in a nursery. Badger Basket changing tables are designed to be functional as well as beautiful. The sleigh style changing table was completely redesigned in 2004 and now it is not only very easy to assemble, but the hardware is concealed so the lovely lines of this changing table are not marred with hardware. As with all Badger Basket baby furniture, the table is made of quality hardwood, with a non-toxic natural finish. Once the baby has outgrown the changing table, then it converts of a set of shelves that is ideal for clothing or toys. There are safety rails on all sides of the top and the unit it quite stable. Rattan baskets that fit onto the shelves are sold separately, but make a perfect addition for storage and organizing baby supplies.

Badger Basket Company produces a variety of designs in changing tables, some of them very unique and functional. Their corner change table fits neatly into a corner space in the baby's nursery and allows you to change the baby with his feet pointing toward you, a much more natural way to change a diaper. There is more than enough storage on this unit and it, too, can be accessorized with baskets. When the baby outgrows the changing table, it can be used as a storage area or book shelf. It is made of wood, wood composites, and veneers. All of the paints and finishes are non-toxic.

Moving Into a Big Kid Bed

When your toddler is ready to move into a "big beg", the Badger Basket Twin Bed with Storage is a great choice. The cubbies that surround the entire bed platform can be used for organizing your child's clothes, toys, books, bedding and shoes. The cubbies are the perfect size for Badger nursery and storage baskets (of course), which are sold separately. The bed is made of pine and it a wonderful, clean-lined style that will fit easily into your child's décor.


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