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Baby Can You Hear Me?

Babies grow quickly and pass from one stage of development into the next at a remarkable rate of speed. That's why it is so important to enjoy every single minute you have with your children - time passes and before you know it, they're in school. One of the best ways to spend time with your infant is by playing with him or her. Granted, a newborn isn't really interested in play, but you can bet your boots the attention is certainly enjoyed and you would be amazed to know just how much is being taught during those moments of smiling, touching, and talking to baby. Professionals tell us that although a newborn's hearing is not 100 percent, it is the sound of the mother's voice that is the most appealing to a new baby. They tell us that the best thing to do at this stage is talk, talk, talk, to the baby and sing, sing, sing. Baby is learning how to create sounds and words, even at this age. Amazing.

Rattles, Music, and Bright Colors to Stimulate Baby

For babies from newborn until about six months old, the top infant toys are those the baby can grab as well as those that help to develop muscle control. Mobiles in black and white or very bright colors in geometric shapes are the best newborn toys as they help the baby get control of his eyes. For the first week after birth, baby seems basically in black and white. It takes a little while for the baby's eyes to completely develop, so providing toys in black and white, as well as bright colors is important. Lightweight rattles that are made of non-toxic materials are also excellent first toys for infants under three months. They love the sounds and the fact that they can grab the toy while flapping their arms around is a happy thing for a new baby. Wrist rattles and ankle rattles, those ingenious toys that stick to baby so they don't get tossed overboard, are also fun and stimulating for an infant.

Moving Right Along

As baby becomes strong enough to hold his or her head up a bit, tummy time mats that make noise are a great addition to the infant toy repertoire. Musical toys, whether in the shape of a plush cube that sings, or a stuffed toy that has a song inside, are a natural benefit to infants. Babies love sound, and especially music. Think of how the baby responds to a lullaby - or better yet - think of how you respond to music. Your baby is no different. Playing music at bedtime can relax and soothe the baby in preparation for sleep. Singing, even if you don't think you can, is another way to not only soothe your baby, but also to communicate with him or her. The award winning infant toy, Baby Einstein, was created on this very premise.

Some research suggests that music helps to ready the brain for learning new skills. Sassy Infant Toys, producers and manufacturers of unique and unusual infant toys, has taken great pains to study and ensure their products do more than take up space. Sassy Infant toys are designed to address four of the five senses, the four being hearing, touch, taste, and vision. Check out for some interesting and informative articles and to get updated information and reviews on the best baby toys.

Toys to Teethe With

As baby gets a little older, homemade infant toys like finger puppets, stuffies, and wooden toys can be introduced. Since teething usually begins at around four or five months, wooden rattles that can be chewed on are a great carry over from the newborn stage. Some of the more unusual infant teething toys include those that are organic, made from organic cotton or wood and colored with vegetable dyes rather than chemicals. They are safe to chew, colorful, easy for a baby to handle, and they pack into the diaper bag very easily.

And, Off He Goes!

By the time your baby is around nine months old, he or she will be crawling, scooting, or mobile in whatever way works best. This is a great time to introduce puzzles, building blocks, and bathtub toys that are fun to play with as well as have an educational edge to them. See some of our articles about these types of toys here on this site. You will find activity toys are really popular with your child as he or she progresses through the developmental stages. Climbing toys, push toys, and rocking toys are fun for the toddler group. They love to be in motion, experimenting and expressing their personalities through movement. Dancing, jumping, hopping, and finding ways to burn energy are fun pastimes.

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