Baby Toy Reviews

Can I Trust What They Say?

When it comes to toy shopping, educational toys head the list for birthdays, holidays and anything in between. It's true, educational toys are plentiful and with so many to choose from, it can be a daunting task to find the right toy for a child. However, with the internet a part of many households, it is good to know that a review on a specific toy or piece of baby gear is just a click away. If you are intending to buy a specific toy, then having access to dependable reviews is important - especially if the item is costly.

But, can you trust the review? How many times have you checked out a baby walker review only to discover that it is an outlet that just happens to sell that very baby walker? When it comes to baby gear, a parent wants to know that the item is safe. Baby stroller reviews written by the manufacturer may be able to give you all of the fine details of the item, but it is their job to convince you the item is the best.

The Best Reviews Are Parental

On the other hand, there are reviews that are written by parents who purchased and used the stroller or baby toy and reviewed it. Sometimes you can read these reviews on the product site, and often they will appear on baby toy review sites on the internet. From the appearance and wording of the review, it is apparent the writers are not professionals. They don't work in the childcare or educational fields and their reviews seem to be quite random. Do you count on what they say?

Actually, when it comes to knowing how a toy or piece of baby gear measures up, the comments of someone who bought the baby toy or stroller and used it is more likely to have an accurate assessment of the item than someone who is selling it without practical experience. A reviewer who does baby toy reviews for a living may not highlight something a parent discovered when their baby played with a toy. A danger, a problem with function, a threat, or an advantage that isn't obvious can often only be found through use. A parent who has hands-on experience with it and then takes the time to sit down and write about that experience has some insight that is worth sharing, and definitely worth listening to. 

The best site for finding out what parents really think about a baby toy, or any baby product, is  This parent writers of this site search the internet reading all of the many parent reviews posted on shopping sites and message review boards and then summarize the reviews for that product in one easy to read article.  The article also provides all of the manufacturer details about the product and sometimes includes an editor's review.  You can't find a better site for honest baby product reviews.

What About Consumer Reports?

Consumer Reports are a good source of product information, however, you have to pay for the service and consumers don't have much input into the evaluation. A site that gives all sides of a matter, that includes the not-so-favorable impressions, is more likely to be balanced than one that lauds the praises of a product with no criticisms. That is not to say that there has to be negative comments, but if the only thing you read when you check a baby toy review is a five-star rating, then check to see who wrote the review.

Reviewing Some of the Big Names

There are many toy lines that are popular for infants and toddlers these days. If you are looking for toys that can only be purchased through independent Educational Consultants through home parties, Discovery Toys has a wide range of educational toys for kids of all ages. Discovery Toys reviews can be found on the internet at under Baby Products. There are several links to other writers and parental reviews. Baby Einstein is another very popular product for babies and toddlers, and there is no shortage of parental as well as professional writing on these toys. Baby Einstein reviews can be seen on any of the review sites as well.

One product line that is appearing consistently at the top of the baby toy review lists is LeapFrog. You can read LeapFrog reviews just about anywhere on the internet. These toys are receiving consistently excellent marks from parents - so you can feel secure with this choice of baby toy.

Honesty and Integrity - You Have a Part to Play

Wooden toy reviews take into account toys produced in the US as well as in Europe. Haba from Germany and Melissa & Doug from the US are top contenders in wood toy reviews. Whether it is baby puzzles, building blocks, or teethers, both of these companies have had excellent reviews from parents and professionals. You can tell a bit about a company when they are willing to give parents a chance to comment on something that isn't necessarily good. Haba did just that when they took several toys off the market because of the danger of choking. Parents reviewed the items, wrote about the dangers and a recall was made immediately afterward.

This is the power of parental baby toy reviews. As a parent, you have a great impact on the market. Use your power wisely and you will be able to help other parents make good decisions about the toys and baby gear they invest in.

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