Baby Registry

There seems to be no end to all of the things you need (or think you need) for your new baby. It is a fact-babies are expensive and people who have had children know that. That's why family and friends are always eager to help out with gifts for the new baby. In order to help your family and friends out, having a baby registry in one or more places is a great way to take the guesswork out of their gift-giving and to ensure you get the things you want and need to have for your new baby.

Dispelling the Myths

Most new parents have some set ideas about a baby registry, ideas that may be quite limiting. We'd like to dispel some myths here and open some doors to greater possibilities. First of all, you can have more than one registry with more than one store. You will have your basic baby registry list which will include everything from the crib, crib mattress, and linens all the way to a sippy cup and breast pump if you're nursing. Write everything down. Everything. If you don't know what "everything" is, you can find a baby registry online and go through the baby registry checklist. For some of the smaller items, like wash cloths, baby bath, diaper pail, and blankets, you may want to sign up on the Walmart baby registry. Your furniture must be sturdy and safe, so the Pottery Barn Kids registry may be the place to go for furnishings.

Don't Be Afraid to Ask for What You Want

Many new parents request the least expensive things on the checklist because they're afraid people will not want to pay a lot of money for gifts. Set that thought aside. It is very common for several people to contribute money toward the purchase of a big item, and certainly you will have friends and family who are only too eager to do something big for your little one. Make sure the baby registries you choose are places that are located where your family and friends are so they can access them. Baby Depot, Babies 'R Us, and Buy Buy Baby are all great places to register for baby gifts. They not only have outlets in most cities, but it is also possible to purchase online and have the goods delivered. This works well for out-of-town folks who want to be sure they give you a gift you want and will use.

You Don't Have to Be the Mother to Create a Registry

If you're a friend or family member of the expectant mother, then it's possible for you to open a baby registry especially for baby's learning and development. This baby registry idea makes it possible for people to invest in the baby's developmental learning process by enabling them to purchase the kinds of toys and activities the mother wants for her child. Most baby registries focus on clothing, furniture, and practical day-to-day needs. A baby learning and development registry makes it possible for the baby to have the kinds of toys that may not be possible another way. It's a wonderful way to help a new mother out and to enhance the baby's development.

Check Items and Compare Prices

When creating any registry, before the registry checklist is made, compare prices for large ticket items especially. Check out Consumer Reports to find out about safety issues, recalls of items, and read reviews to find out how various items are rated. Parents who rate items and write reviews are usually very honest, so you can usually depend on their input. If a lot of people have had problems with a specific bouncing seat, then you don't want to have that one for your baby, either. By taking the time to shop on the internet and browse the stores, checking prices and investigating items, you will be able to determine where you can buy the same items for less money and who has the best and safest toys and furnishings for your baby.

Registries save time and money for those who are shopping, and they ensure the new mother has the things she really wants for her new baby.

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