Baby Rattles Teethers

Helping Baby Push Through Those Teeth

There's no mistaking the look and sound of a baby who is teething. Watery eyes, runny nose, and often times a low-grade fever accompany the ever present hand in the mouth. It can seem to go on for ages and as a mother, all you want to do is ease the pain somehow. Fortunately, there are many options for baby toys that serve both as rattles and teethers. One of the best ways to help a baby through teething is to distract him as much as possible from the discomfort by using baby toys to draw his attention and provide him with something suitable to chew on.

Since babies use their sense of taste as one of the first methods of investigation and exploration, it is only natural that anything you give a baby in his hand will almost automatically go into his mouth. Rattles and teethers that are easy to hold onto give the baby something to play with and also allows him to bite down on it to ease teething discomfort. Baby Munchkin carries a great line of baby rattles and teethers on their site. Earth Links, Twisty, and Sesame Street are some of the brands you'll find at Baby Munchkins and the baby teether prices are competitive with those you find elsewhere.

Silver Teethers Stay Cool and Clean

Sterling silver baby teethers are a great way to help your baby through the teething process. Silver naturally stays cool so there's no need to put the teething ring into the fridge. You can purchase a great teething necklace that doubles as a lovely piece of silver jewelry for mom and a teether and rattle for baby. The necklace is on a long silver chain and there are four interlaced rings that are easy for baby to hold onto and easy to get into his mouth. Since the rings are worn around mom's neck, the chance of them falling onto the ground and getting dirty is eliminated. If baby lets go of the rings, they simply drop to the end of the chain around mom's neck. Silver is easy to clean as well. Wash it with soap and water, polish it with a polishing cloth and then wash it again with non-chemical soap and water to remove the polish thoroughly.

Silver Rattle Keepsake

Another silver item that your baby may like to have in his hands is a sterling rattle. Sometimes these rattles can be heavy, so it is important that the baby is supervised while playing with it in order to avoid a bang on the head. A silver rattle last forever, and it's meant to be a keepsake after baby is finished playing with it. Again, because the silver is cool and hard, a baby loves to put it into his mouth, especially if he's teething. Baby rings in silver are big enough for baby to hold onto and use as a teether and some of them come with little silver balls that slide on the ring, so it doubles as a rattle as well.

Fun and Unique Teethers in Wood and Plush

There are many unique teethers and rattles available for babies. Haba, the German company that makes children's toys, make rattles that are interesting, fun, safe and baby friendly. They use water-based varnishes and the toys do not have batteries. The Haba rattles are all made of wood, something babies love to teethe on, and since the finishes are non-toxic, baby is safe if he chooses to chew on one of these cute toys. There are a wide variety of designs so you're sure to find something that appeals to you and your baby.

Plush toys that are especially designed as teethers are popular as well. Non-toxic plush animals with stiffer paws, feet, noses, and ears offer baby the comfort of a teether, the sound of a rattle and the softness of a cuddly toy all in one. Teether Babies are easy for the baby to grab and chew and the six different characters are very cute. Your baby will love to cuddle and chew on this baby safe teether.

Easy to Grab, Fun to Play With

The Lamaze company, producers of developmental toys for babies and toddlers, has a wonderful rattle and teething toy called Grip and Grab Apple Rattle. The bright colored rings are easy for baby to grab and hold and there's rattle inside that makes sounds that is housed in a lazy looking little worm. The leaves are chewable cloth with crinkle paper inside, so they make noise as well. This particular rattle and teether is a favorite with moms and babies.

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