Toy Box

It's a Plot

Love me, love my toys. That could well be the motto of most kids today. Little ones love to spread the love of their toys around, and the way they do it is by actually spreading their toys - from one end of the house to the other. While that isn't necessarily a bad thing, if they don't all find their way to one collective meeting place, random toys can cause broken ankles, severe arch pain, and swollen knees (the result of a trip-and-fall tactic known only to toys). The best way to preserve the limbs of parents is to have a place for toys that will keep them out from underfoot. Toy boxes provide that service. The trick is to get the kids to put the toys in the boxes.

Build Your Own Toy Box...

Toy boxes can take the shape of anything from a crate to a cardboard box, but if you want the toys to be preserved and if you want the toy box to last, then it's a good idea to have a toy box that is built expressly for the purpose. You can build a toy box without too much difficulty, if you're inclined that way. Toy box plans are available at lumber stores, craft stores, and online at any number of great sites designed to help and encourage woodworkers.

...Or Have it Built

Wooden toy boxes are really great, and they last forever. You can purchase them in beautiful designs made from high quality woods like cherry and oak, or made of pine and finished with walnut or mahogany finishes. Buying a handcrafted toy box is an investment, not only as a safe place for your little person's toys, but it is a wonderful piece of furniture that could become an heirloom. They can morph into blanket chests once they've fulfilled the work of a toy box. They can be personalized, engraved, or hand painted and stenciled. There are so many options to choose from to make your child's wooden toy box outstanding.

They Come in All Kinds of Materials

If wood isn't your first choice, then there are countless styles, colors, and themes appropriate for your children, that are made from other quality materials. Plastic toy boxes are available through such esteemed children's toy producers as Little Tikes. They have huge plastic toy boxes that are child safe and happy additions to any child's room. Other producers of toy boxes have wonderful designs and themes that will make any little person happy. They hold massive amounts of toys and books. You'll use them for everything except maybe the rocking toys for your baby.

Popular Themes for Toy Boxes

The most popular toy box themes for 2010 are sports teams for boys and princess themes for girls. No surprise there. Of course, you're not limited to either of these selections. If you have a future firefighter in your home, then you can get a fire engine toy box. Your little girl wants to go on safari? Well, there just happens to be a safari toy box that she'd love. The selections are endless, designs are fun and colors are so bright you have to wear sunglasses.

Safety First

When you are shopping for the right toy box for your child, be sure to choose one that has safety hinges that won't close suddenly to prevent pinched fingers. Make sure there are cutouts on the sides or front to ensure air circulation and prevent suffocation. Look for a toy box that has adequate storage for toys and books. The toy box can serve other purposes when your child is finished with it. Wooden toy boxes should be finished with non-toxic varnishes and finishes that won't harm your child. If you have the toy box personalized, be sure the name is affixed properly and won't come loose, allowing for caught clothing and slivers.

Well made toy boxes can be passed from generation to generation. They provide a place for toys to hide out and help you teach your youngsters responsibility and organization.

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