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Is My Baby Safe in a Baby Walker?

The debate about the safety of baby walkers and baby bouncers has raged for several years. Many veteran moms (those who managed to raise their kids to adulthood without too many bumps and bruises) used baby walkers and jumpers as a means of entertainment and a way to keep baby occupied if she was busy. The safety debate mostly dealt with the fact that thousands of babies in the US alone ended up in emergency rooms as a result of a fall down some steps while in the walker. In the early 2000s the Consumer Products Safety Commission worked together with baby walker manufacturers to develop safety standards for these products. Stair-fall protection is now standard on most walkers, although not on all of them. Baby walkers may encourage a child to walk sooner, however, some doctors disagree with the practice of using walkers as a method of teaching babies to walk. If a child is showing signs of wanting to walk, pulling up on furniture and walking while holding your fingers, then it is probable that the walker will hasten things along. It depends upon the child's progress outside of the walker. It doesn't appear that walkers actually teach babies to walk sooner.

Jolly Jumper Lives On

Baby jumpers, the original one was called "Jolly Jumper", are still in use and continue to provide great entertainment for tiny babies. These items affix to a door frame and have springs and elastic stretch material to allow for bouncing up and down. The seat is like a baby swing bucket seat and the baby is strapped into the seat with legs close enough to the floor to allow for bouncing up and down. As with baby walkers, there were safety concerns about babies being hurt if the jumper came away from the frame. If the jumper is properly affixed to a good support, according to the instructions that come with the unit, then they are relatively safe. However, if the safety instructions are ignored, chances of injury are increased. Baby jumpers are basically safe and fun for babies, providing long periods of entertainment and motion - things babies love.

The Top Rated Jumperoo

A baby jumper review has yielded some great finds; baby jumperoos that are delightful, safe, and fun for babies. The top rated baby jumperoo is the Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo that is constructed with a frame that opens on top and allows the seat to rotate 360 degrees. Toys are located at five spots around the seat which means that baby has hours of exploration and fun. A motion sensor creates a light and sound display as a reward every time the baby jumps. There are three main toys and lots of other interactive toys for baby to bang on, rattle, and chew on, as well a pull and clutch. It's like having a toy box full of fun toys scattered all around the baby. For reviews on this jumperoo and other baby jumpers and walkers you can check out online review sites like babyproduct-reviews.com.

Baby Einstein Model

The Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Jumper provides a 360 degree swivel and lots of toys to play with as well. The seat has a five-point adjustment for height on the seat and padded toy bars to prevent unwanted bumps. The activity centers around the jumper include an electronic piano with lights and seven melodies; a Frog spinner with a baby-safe mirror and bead chaser; a Sun teether stalk toy, eight Baby Einstein links and lots of other toys and features. Both the Fisher Price Jumperoo and the Baby Einstein Activity Jumper are classified as Activity Centers - allowing your baby the room to explore and have fun.

Bouncing Babies Having Fun

Bounce houses, a newer item on the "places to have a party for little ones" list, are large inflatable structures that are entirely enclosed, allowing little children to bounce with abandon in a safe setting. Bounce houses tend to be rather large, so the likelihood of having one set up in your home is probably remote. However, they are great for birthday parties and events. It's best not to have older children bouncing with babies for obvious reasons. Baby bounce houses are a fun way to entertain babies in a safe, enclosed environment.

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