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Want Some Great Gift Ideas?

A baby is born and, if you're not the parents, then you will be out looking for a suitable baby gift for this new arrival. Every year someone publishes a list of the best baby gifts for that year, and they invariably include items that nobody has heard of before. New items hit the market almost daily, so the choices grow and grow. So let's look for the best gifts, especially for bouncing baby boys.

Laila Ali, famous boxing daughter of Muhammad Ali and star on Dancing with the Stars, once shared some of her favorite shower gifts for her boy, Curtis. Topping her list was a personalized baby gift, a boys sports bathrobe with the baby's name embroidered on it. Personalized baby gifts, for boys or girls continue to be a favorite with new moms. You can purchase soft, cuddly blankets with wide ribbon trim that can be embroidered with the baby's name and birth specifics - a very personal and treasured gift.

Baby clothes for boys are always a good choice as well - and little Curtis was given a cashmere jumpsuit (very soft and very expensive). While cashmere is probably a bit over the top for most babies, baby boutiques feature boys outfits that are trendy, classy, or cute - depending upon your taste. Along with the cashmere jump suit, Curtis received a baby boxer outfit, certainly a fitting gift for the son of a famous woman boxer. Baby Gap fashions for boys are worth checking out when it comes to buying great outfits at reasonable prices.

Rattles, Teethers, and Music - Always Good Choices

Baby toys for little boys are always a welcome gift. When it comes to baby toys for newborns, the best choices continue to be rattles, teethers, and musical items. You can purchase any of these in the newest designs in shapes that are easy for baby to grab and made from non-toxic materials that are eco-friendly. Rattles and teethers made from wood are becoming favorites with modern moms. They are safe and unique. Baby music is also a good choice for baby gifts. You can purchase all sorts of baby music, from lullabies to upbeat tunes. Babies love music and this is a great way to introduce songs and rhythm to newborns.

Christening Gifts for Boys

Of course, when it comes to christening gifts for baby boys, the traditional items continue to hold the spotlight. Silver or gilded frames with the baby's name and the date of the christening are popular as are beautiful blankets that have been personalized for the occasion. Silver baby rattles (keepsakes only), St. Christopher medals and Celtic crosses on silver chains are other traditional gifts that continue to rank high on the list for christenings. A pewter personalized mug, baby album, and plush toys with christening motifs are other items that make lovely gifts for this special time.

Toddler Toys

When it comes to toddler gifts for little boys, the choices broaden. At this stage, babies are interested in many different things and educational toys top the list of baby gifts for toddlers. Ride-on toys and Baby Einstein, Lamaze toys, or Little Tike toys are all excellent products for children. Fisher Price puts out a great selection of toddler toys for boys that will make any little guy happy. One toy that has "crossed-over" to the boys' side of the fence is baby dolls. Little boys love to have a buddy doll of their own to play with and identify with, just like little girls do. Raggedy Andy dolls, stuffed animals and Woody dolls (from Toy Story) are all favorite toddler gifts for boys.

The selection of baby gifts for showers, christenings, newborn gifts and big-brother gifts for the toddler in the home, is extensive and fun to browse. Choosing just one gift may be the hardest part of the entire shopping experience.

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