Castles - How Early Would a Toy Castle Be Appropriate for Your Baby?

Castles, The Stuff of Imagination

Castles conjour up all sorts of images in the minds of children and adults. They have always held a fascination for people, young and old. Stories of knights and princesses, dragons and knaves revolve around castles. Castles have long been the central point for tales of fantasy and heroes alike. When you talk to a young child about a king or a queen, they immediately make the association with a throne in a castle. When does this imagery become established? That depends upon what you expose your child to from the time he or she is very tiny.

Tiny Tots and Castles

Toy castles have been part of the art of childhood play for ages. It can begin when a child is an infant, strapped into a bucket swing in a swing set like the Little Tikes Castle Swing. Walls that resemble stone facades encompass the slide, swing, and bucket seat, allowing the tiny prince or princess to swing in their castle. Clutching a stuffed animal, like a dragon or horse, your tiny royalty will love this play set. Age appropriate castles are available for children from infancy all the way to late childhood - and beyond.

Cinderella, Prince Charming, and Even Barbie Have Castles

Castles are a mainstay in most Disney films, and children who are familiar with the many fairytales in which a castle is included, are quick to recognize what they are and who lives there. Cinderella's beautiful ballroom dance with Prince Charming in his father's castle, continues to enthrall little girls. Mattel's Cinderella's Enchanted Evening Castle is a two story toy castle where Cinderella and Prince Charming dolls can dance until the clock strikes midnight. Suitable for little girls three and up, this castle is delightful.

Barbie has a magic castle (of course) that is a tent for little girls. It measures about four-feet square and has two rooms that are built on two levels and includes a bedroom, bathroom, dining room and lots of furniture. It's a pretty permanent fixture, so when you set it up, allow for the fact that it can't be moved easily. Toddlers and preschoolers love this plastic and nylon castle because it's big enough for them to move in and out of.

From King Arthur to Harry Potter - Castles Rule

Toy medieval castles featuring toy knights and horses delight the hearts and minds of little boys the world over. Stories of King Arthur, or, more recently Harry Potter, makes toy castles for your kids (especially boy kids) almost a necessity. Designed more for preschoolers and older children, toy medieval castles may come with knights, dragons, horses, and interiors that boast turrets and archers.

When it comes to having adventures, castle toys are the best. A young child's imagination can be the source of incredible castle building, especially is he's using LEGO to build castles. LEGO castles are the engineering feat of the young architect alone, having as many rooms, turrets, dungeons and towers as the child sees fit to build. LEGO's Knights' Kingdom Castle of Morcia Play Set has a host of mini figures of the king and his knights, and your child can build and rebuild the castle any way he wants. For the older child, perhaps eight to ten years of age, model castles can be purchased in kits and built, generally using glue. These intricately designed masterpieces weave mystery, adventure, and imagination as they are assembled.

Castles for Preschoolers and Toddlers

In case you think castles are only for the much older children, there are some wonderful wooden castles for preschoolers, like the multi-level wooden folding castle from Melissa and Doug. This wonder can be unfolded to display a courtyard with turrets, staircases and more. There is a drawbridge and figures of a king, his queen, a knight and his horse, all made from wood.

Also for little ones, toddler and preschool ages, is the Little People Lil' Kingdom Castle from Fisher Price. Like all Little People toys, it is well constructed and loaded with detail. There's a drawbridge, fanfare with trumpets, turrets, king, queen, knights, and a lot more. This particular toy is appealing to both little boys and little girls, providing hours of pleasure, fun, and adventure to eager minds and hands.

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