Whoozit Tummy - Great Learning and Developmental Toy

Whatzit?  A Whoozit?

Who thinks of these names? Or, better yet, who thinks of the creations that are now on the market for infants to play with? The question could apply to any number of developmental baby toys that are available today, all designed to stimulate development and growth in babies. However, for now we will focus our attention on the Whoozit Tummy Time mat and other Whoozit infant toys.

Designed to Stimulate the Senses

Whoozit and Whoozit toys are the property of Manhattan Toy Company, creators of a wild and wonderful sensory baby toy called Mr. Whoozit. This colorful character is made from bright contrasting colors and a rich variety of textures with some squeakers thrown in for good measure. Three of the baby's five senses are stimulated at once - sight, touch and sound. Since very young babies are not fully able to distinguish subtle colors, the clear and striking black, white, blue and yellow of this toy grabs a baby's attention immediately. All sorts of hidden noises come from within these infant toys, like crinkling noises, rattles and squeakers. Mr. Whoozit is made of ultra-soft velour and attaches to most strollers, carriers and car seats.

Just a Busy Toy

The Whoozit Lights and Sound Spiral is the top selling Whoozit toy and this one is a dandy. The main body is a plush yellow star with black and white eyes, a purple mouth, and a big red nose. There are a variety of appendages sticking out all over the body which include two soft stars with LED lights embedded in them, a bright blue teether, and two smaller rings covered in crinkly material. There's a target hanging from the bottom of the toy that is the trigger for the music it sings when the target is pulled down. The body vibrates and the stars flash as the song plays. It's a very busy toy, to be sure, and will certainly stimulate an infant.

Tummy Time a la Whoozit

The Whoozit Water Mat is soft, squeezable, and with the soft shapes moving around inside of it, the toy is very entertaining for a baby. Baby can play with it in a high chair, or it can be used during tummy time to encourage interaction. Along the same line as the water mat is the Whoozit Tummy Time mat.

Some babies really don't like being on their tummies, especially if they can't hold their heads up well. Bonking their little noses on the floor just isn't their idea of a good time, and when you put them on their tummies, they howl. By providing a colorful and busy distraction, tummy time can be changed from frantic to fun. The Mr. Whoozit Tummy Time mat is not a large item, but it's packed with beads, a rattle, a baby safe mirror, tethered star, and lots of stimulating graphics. It also folds up into a three dimensional ball that keeps babies interested. It's a novel and fun 2-in-1 infant toy, especially useful for babies who sleep on their backs. By giving a baby tummy time, you help develop the core muscles in the abdomen as well as encourage the baby to lift her head, thus strengthening the neck muscles as well. The Mr. Whoozit Tummy Time mat is designed for babies from newborn up.

Fun, Entertaining, Stimulating

Whoozit is an interesting and novel line of infant and baby toys created to stimulate learning and development. From the Whoozit Tummy Time mat to the various Whoozit character toys, babies experience the fun of touching soft velour fabric, holding and shaking a toy and hearing sounds and songs. These toys are a wonderful way to play with your baby.

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