Unique Baby Gifts

There's no question - babies are special. They don't have to do anything other than lay peacefully sleeping and your heart melts. Babies are to be cherished and loved, so when it comes to giving baby shower gifts for baby girls, there's a lot of thought that goes into the gift giving. We're always on the lookout for something special for that unique little person - something that is an expression of the love we have for the baby and the family. The choices are myriad when it comes to unique gifts for girls.

Diaper Cakes and Clothing Bouquets

In recent years designer diaper cakes for girls and boys has become a big thing. They're really adorable and look just like a cake. They make a great centerpiece for a baby shower and of course, they are packed with lots of goodies, clothing, and special things for the baby. The traditional color choice for a baby girl is pink, but the truth is you're not limited to any color. Your cake can be designed in any color choices you like, and colors that are suitable for the baby.

Designing with baby clothing, blankets, and other infant items is not limited to diaper cakes. Baby clothes bouquets are creative and beautiful to look at. They are made from socks, layette pieces, tiny shirts, onesies, and other pieces of baby clothing. Baby sock bouquets are pretty and practical, especially since babies can go through several pairs of socks in a day, especially if she's got busy legs during diaper changes. You could create a bouquet of unique baby girl clothes from some of the great designer fashions for babies that are available today. That would be one bouquet of flowers that lasts a long time.

Shining Silver Keepsakes for Her

Personalized baby gifts for little girls include lovely pieces of baby jewelry. A silver bracelet or a locket with the baby's initials engraved on it are pretty gifts for a baby girl. Silver rattles and teething rings personalized with the baby's name or initials serve not only functionally, but they will become keepsakes once the baby gets older. Silver baby feeding utensils that can be personalized baby gifts for baby girls can be used by a child until she is in school. They will also become lovely keepsakes that will stay with her throughout life. A silver frame for the baby's birth certificate, engraved with her name and the date of her birth is yet another silver treasure that is unique to the baby.

Gifts That Remain Treasures Forever

Memorable keepsakes are unique gifts for baby girls and since personalizing them makes them that much more intimate, you may want to consider some of these choices. A silver or pewter mug with her name and date of birth on it, or a music box with her name on a silver plate attached to the box are also delightful treasures to give. A memories book for the baby, either filled or to be filled with sweet notes is something that will bring pleasure in the years to come. If the family celebrates Christmas, they can let the world know that a Star was born with a beautiful, custom engraved glass star ornament. For those who have an artistic bent, the birth of a beautiful baby girl may be just the inspiration needed to create a unique piece of art especially for her - a one-of-a-kind piece that she will treasure her whole life.

Unique Toys for a Unique Little Person

There are also many wonderful toys that are available for gift giving, special and unique in their own ways. Haba Toys, a German toy manufacturer, has an excellent line of organic dolls and stuffed animals that are not only safe for baby to clutch and hold, but when teething time comes around they are safe enough for baby to chew on. Wooden toys, teethers, rattles, and dolls are all good choices for unique baby toys to include in a well-thought-out gift for the new arrival. You can put the toys into a basket, along with organic baby clothing, a soft organic towel and cozy blanket, top it off with some organic baby items like Burt's Bees products for babies and you've got an exceptional, unique baby gift for a lovely baby girl.

What's in a Name?

If the shower takes place before the birth of the baby, then a book of unique baby names for girls can be added to the basket, as long as the gender of the baby is already known. A mommy and baby night-nursing set is a cute and useful gift that will be welcomed by the mother-to-be. The baby's outfit matches the mother's nightgown and a sweet little blanket comes along to keep baby cozy during a night-time feeding.

These are but a few of the delightful, unique baby gifts for girls that are available. Happy shopping!

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