Preschool Toys

It's A Great Age

Preschoolers are the best. By the time a child is in the preschool stage of development, he's like the Energizer Bunny - go, go, go. Running, dancing, singing, talking your ears off, and often performing for attention, preschoolers are in command of their own world. Creative energy is brimming over, and even if all your preschooler wants to do is flip through books, you can count on the fact that something is brewing in that little mind. This is where you can have a great impact on your child's development by considering educational preschool toys like puppets, costumes and a dress-up trunk, preschool supplies like easels and art supplies, as well as the all time favorite - books. Suppliers like Discovery Toys are a great source for educational toys for your preschooler.

Perpetual Motion Machines

Children love to be outside, running, playing, climbing and shouting - pretending they're a pirate or an action star as they climb and swing from jungle gyms in the park or the back yard. When you're thinking about preschool outdoor toys for your child, think "things that move", like trikes and scooters. Little boys seem to really enjoy stomping their feet and yelling - it just comes with the territory. Preschool kids' toys that allow for this kind of energy expenditure are always fun for them. The Stomp Rocket has a launching pad that your preschooler stomps on to launch the rocket. The flight is determined by the stomp - great fun for little guys.

Let's Pretend...

One of the most common phrases you'll hear from preschoolers is, "Let's pretend..." To help your child enjoy make believe play even more, use puppets to act out a scene from a puppet-play book. You can pick one up at the library or check online. Your child most certainly has some special story books in his or her library. They can double their fun by acting out the story book. At this stage, preschoolers have moved away from being really self-consumed with their own ideas and are more interested in others. By creating preschool games and toys for them you help them express themselves better and enable them to interact with others in a healthy way. Dress-up clothes, costumes, play money (things adults use), help them to express how they see their world. If you're watching, you'll see how you have impacted their lives.

Educational Preschool Games and Toys

Great preschool games and toys help your preschooler develop in many ways. Good preschool toys can help a child prepare for school by teaching letters, numbers, and social skills as well as help them develop physically, emotionally and mentally. Some of the top preschool toys include toys like Melissa & Doug See & Spell. A simple jigsaw puzzle with pieces that are letters, this puzzle helps a preschooler spell what he sees in the picture. Melissa & Doug have many excellent toys for preschoolers. Another in the top preschool toys selection from them is their 80-piece Standard Unit Blocks. The height of the tower is determined only by how high your child can reach. Organizational skills, creativity, spatial skills and motor skills are only a few of the areas that can be developed using these preschool games and toys.

Music, Songs, and Stories

Music, rhythm and rhyme are three things most enjoyed by preschoolers. Four and five-year-old children are better able to listen to stories at this stage than they were as toddlers. Preschooler often memorize words to their favorite books and they like to "read" them aloud themselves. Sometimes they improvise and create their own stories as they turn the pages. The same thing happens with songs - they happily go around singing songs they've made up, filling the house and your heart with fun, love, and music. Bedtime takes on a whole new dimension with a preschooler, as they lie down with a younger sibling in the toddler bed, and your preschooler "reads" stories to the younger sibling. This is truly an incredible and precious time in your child's life, and in your life as well.

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