Educational Baby Toys

He's Smarter Than You Think

It is a relatively well-known fact that babies have a lot more going for them intellectually then we think - and that stimulating their learning and brain development can make a big difference in the way they grow and develop. One of the ways we do that is by introducing baby educational toys very early in life. To say that there are thousands of educational baby toys on the market today would be an understatement. There are so many that parents have a hard time choosing baby developmental toys that are effective, age-appropriate and fun, all at the same time. In order for a toy to qualify as a baby learning toy, it must stimulate hearing, vision and touch. If a parent really stops to think about it - that kind of stimulation can come directly from them. However, being the kind of people we are, we underestimate our capacity and look for it in other places. And, we find it in those places as well.

Back to Basics

Virtually all childhood development specialists agree that the primary and best educational baby toy is nothing other than blocks. They stimulate creativity in the baby as well as many facets of development. The growth continues on as blocks are also considered to be excellent educational toddler toys as well. Blocks as an educational baby toy are produced by a number of manufacturers, including Melissa & Doug and the long-time baby toy manufacturer, Fisher Price. The Fisher Price Brilliant Basics Baby's First Blocks consists of ten brightly colored blocks of different shapes. Since they are very sturdy, they can be dropped into an open bucket or pushed through a shape-sorting lid. The fact that these blocks are suitable for babies from six months through three years is proof enough that blocks are best for babies in terms of encouraging growth and development.

Crib Toys and Stimulation

When babies are very tiny, they can spend more time in the crib then they will when they get older (and they get older very quickly). Crib toys have changed over the years and today, they encourage visual and cognitive development in babies by incorporating sound and motion. Haba, a German toy manufacturer of wooden toys and non-toxic, eco-friendly toys for babies, has created the Sunshine Mobile - a pretty mobile with the tranquil quality of nature married with wonderful color. Hanging this soft fabric crib toy from the crib soothes the baby and also helps a newborn develop the ability to focus on objects that are close to him.

What To Do When He's Finished Strolling

Taking baby out for a stroll can be a lot of fun, great exercise, and an opportunity to expand the baby's horizons. It can also present some challenges when baby is no longer interested in the things around him or her. Stroller toys are a great invention and have a very special place in the development and growth of your baby. One manufacturer of stroller toys who has really nailed the concept is Tiny Love. The stroller toys produced by this company are fun for baby to play with while they help him learn. Stroller toys are made to attach by straps onto the tray of the stroller or on a bar that fits across the front of the stroller. Whatever method you decide to use, your baby will enjoy interacting with the toys that are before and around her, without being able to toss them overboard. There are plenty of play options with the colorful toys that are attached to the mat - shaking, turning, twisting and feeling. There's even a bottle holder on some of the stroller toys to keep baby's bottle from being lost.

Playpen Toys

The playpen, while not a long-term play center, is a great place for baby to have some alone time while still being within the sights of mom or dad. Many of the playpens today have toys actually built right into the framework. However, depending upon the age of your baby, playpen toys can take the shape of soft books, clutch toys, balls, and animal toys that baby can hold and talk to. There are also straps with hanging toys on them for babies that aren't yet sitting up.

Every year will bring with it the list of the best toys available, but the truth is that there are some toys that never age. Blocks, balls, and musical toys continue to stimulate and make babies happy at almost every developmental stage.

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