Baby Puzzles - Baby Word Search Games

Babies Rule! That's more than an indication that having a baby is a great thing - we know that's true. What we're referring to is the fact that you can find all kinds of games, puzzles, and word search games on the internet that revolve around babies.

Baby Puzzles Make Great Shower Games

Before we go into that topic though, let's look at some of the games played in honor of a baby. You guessed it - shower games. Anyone who has ever been to a baby shower knows that the afternoon or evening would not be complete without at least two or three baby shower games. If you're the organizer, then you know that a lot rests on having great shower games. After all, you don't want people leaving with the impression that you didn't do a good job of planning fun games. Customizing a baby shower puzzle game especially for the shower is great fun and the guests will love it. You will have a lot of options in a baby puzzle, and clue questions can include any or all of the following:

Daddy's occupation

Daddy's favorite sport

Mommy's occupation

Grandpa's middle name

Grandma's month of birth

Mommy's food craving while she is pregnant

Baby's due date

Sibling's names and ages

Baby's first chosen name

There are many more questions you can come up with from digging around a bit. Get the parents involved and the information will come quickly. Make sure there are between 15 and 20 clues or questions to answer in order to fill in the puzzle. You'll need to use the computer or graphic paper to create the baby shower puzzle game, but the end result will be a lot of fun. Be sure to give a great prize to the winner. You can download baby shower puzzle games from the internet if you're not able to put one together yourself. They're still a lot of fun.

Word Search and Other Word Games for a Shower

You can also create a baby word search game specifically for the mom-to-be, or you can find some great word search puzzles on the internet. They are especially for baby showers and they're free games, so you can download whatever suits the theme of the shower. Another popular baby shower puzzle game is the baby word game. Divide the group into two teams and give each team a list of scrambled words relative to babies, baby showers, the parents, anything connected to the expectant family. Put the group on a timer and let them go. The first group to finish wins. It's a lot of fun and people really get into the competition and fun of the game.

Oh, The Games People Play

Now, back to our first comment about baby games you can access on the internet. Baby jigsaw puzzles are fun for a quick mind break. You can find several sites that have these games. It's a picture of a baby in jigsaw puzzle form, broken up. You get to put it together on a timer. Of course the scores are kept and you compete with others. Talk about hand-eye coordination being improved - this is a great way to give your brain a bit of a workout.

The baby escape game is a game of following directions through a house, using the clues that are in the room to provide an escape for the baby who is locked inside the house. It's another one of the many timed games that enhance problem solving skills and does provide a mental break when you need one.

Internet Games for Babies

Lest you think we've forgotten about babies, there is a great site to check out for little ones. Baby online games are replete on the web with baby targeted free games are available at a number of different sites. has taken the guesswork out of finding the best online games for the various age groups of babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. For those parents who want to get their little ones computer savvy in a hurry, this is the way to go.  Babies also love puzzles, after about 12 months of age.  Check out the large selections of baby puzzles available at any of the toy stores near you.

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