Child Development And Toys

We've Learned So Much

Human developmental stages are a fascinating study. We have so much data about human growth and development, and parents today make good use of that information in order to provide the best possible environment for their own children to learn and grow. Child development theories based upon research into the reactions of children with their environment are available for reading and study in many of the published articles, essays, and reviews in child development journals - available online and in university libraries.

As our baby develops through the various stages, from birth to baby stage, toddler to preschool, school age, puberty and through the adolescent development stages, the child's developmental milestones are marked and usually celebrated. When our children are just infants, we keep our eyes on the child development charts to make sure he or she is developing and growing in line with the recognized norms. Each child is definitely gifted or pre-wired with certain traits, abilities and his or her own temperament. However, it's the interaction within their own metron - their personal world - of parents, siblings and extended family that molds this development.

Child Development Through Playing

One of the ways we see progress and encourage growth is through the use of toys. It's no secret that toys are influential in child development - and it's also no secret that kids love toys. Along with being fun, most toys provide opportunities for children to develop and grow, beginning at just a few weeks and continuing on through all of their developmental stages.

Infants are excited about their world and baby development stages are filled with lots of learning and growth. Everything in a baby's world is a new experience, colors, shapes, textures, tastes, and sounds all stimulate the senses. Toys that are safe and that will stimulate your baby's development in these stages are important tools of growth. The favorites are rattles that make music. A baby's vision can be enhanced with toys that are brightly colored and contrasting. As they get older, blocks help with motor skills and hand-eye coordination while plush toys can be used to encourage gentleness, which will later show up as compassion.

Toddlers, Toys, Training

As your child reaches the toddler stage, the variety and scope of toys changes. Some of the same toys may remain favorites, but other toys that help your child develop in this stage are also necessary. Age-appropriate toys for this stage may include shape sorters and matching games that teach about various shapes. Building toys promote dexterity, and your child can learn colors. Cause and effect is taught through such simple games as building a tower and watching it fall.

Preschool and Preparation for More Learning

The preschool child development milestone brings your child into the wonderful world of letters, numbers and language skills. Everything from electronic toys to magnets that stick on the fridge are available to help encourage child development in this stage. Your child will begin to learn things that will be taught in school and if he or she has toys at home that reinforce the lessons, they become fixed in the child's mind.

Playing does more than occupy time for a little child. Playing and interacting during play enhances child development by encouraging growth physically, mentally, and emotionally. Plato said that you can learn more about a man in one hour of play than you can in a year of conversation. Human development stages begin with infancy - and the more play - the better the human develops.

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