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How Am I Going to Afford This?

There are more books than ever on the market today aimed at answering questions for new parents (or second or third time parents as well). Some of them are very good at covering all some of the basic questions, but the big question about having a baby often gets missed. What is the question? How are we going to afford all of this? Denise and Alan Fields, authors of Baby Bargains, which debuted in 1994 and now in its eighth printing, ably address the question head on. The average cost for the first year of parenting a baby is more than $6,000. Parents need solid advice they can trust about how to cut costs without losing value. Baby Bargains has the answers.

Much More Than A Book

Baby Bargains is more than a book. The Baby Bargains internet site offers all sorts of information readily available to assist parents in finding the best baby deals available. They give good advice about shopping and where to find coupons for special baby deals using sites dedicated to the sole purpose of finding coupons and special deals on the internet. The site points parents to sites that offer accessories, clothing, and bedding along with baby toys and baby gear. It's like a clearing house for information.

They take the time to educate parents in the fine art of finding great deals on baby items. Most people know good deals are to be had out there, but it's quite another thing to find them and take advantage of them. They introduce parents to shopping bots, which are search engines that compare prices on the same product from different sites. For instance, if you are looking for a stroller, type in the manufacturer and model and the bot will find every appearance of that item on the web. They even give the names of the various bots, which include: My Simon, Shop Best, Smart Bots, Price Scan and Deal Time.

The Baby Bargains Blog - What's Been Recalled?

The Baby Bargains blog provides the lowdown on items that have been recalled by the CPSC. The actual official recall document is supplied along with the product pictures. This is invaluable information for parents, especially since it's easy to miss the fact that baby furniture has been recalled because it malfunctions or is dangerous. By checking the Baby Bargains blog, parents can be up-to-date with the latest information about furnishings, toys, new baby gifts, clothing, and other baby things. Baby centered, Baby Bargains offers help in providing all of the things a parent wants to give to their child while showing parents the way to do it without breaking the bank.

Chatting With Other Parents and Getting Parental Reviews

Parents get in on the act with the Baby Bargains forum where they talk about products, and connect with other parents. It's a great way to be better informed and to make new "friends" as well. Also, if parents are looking at a specific item, like a car seat or stroller, they can get a parental stroller review from the Baby Bargains review page where parents write for other parents telling exactly what they think about an item. Message boards, product reviews, blogs and forums along with a lot of bonus information can be had from this amazing website.  Another great place to find great parent reviews of baby products and up-to-date information on the latest baby toys, gear and furniture is

Baby Depot for Savings

Another baby site that provides good deals on baby furnishings and gear is called Baby Depot. As it sounds, it's a place to buy all kinds of baby gear and baby toys for discounted prices. They offer as much as 50% off on some items and they are well stocked with all brands. If finding a good deal on baby gear is important to you, then this is one place to check out. Baby Bargains mentions Baby Depot on their site as a place to get some good deals on things for baby.

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